Why pur­chase Travel Insurance?

Trav­el­ers who want to pro­tect their travel invest­ment should con­sider pur­chas­ing travel insur­ance. If an ill­ness, acci­dent or sud­den change in plans forces you to can­cel or inter­rupt travel plans, you face two major finan­cial losses — money you’ve invested in non­re­fund­able pre­pay­ments, and med­ical expenses that aren’t cov­ered by your health insur­ance. Addi­tion­ally, if a book­ing is can­celled for any rea­son, Trav­el­bugs charges an admin­is­tra­tive fee of 10% of total trip cost. Fee may be waived if travel insur­ance is purchased.

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